Celebrating Aromatherapy Awareness Week

As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), once a year we celebrate all things Aromatherapy related. This is the therapy that first attracted me to Complementary Therapies and the one that holds the biggest place in my life. As my knowledge has expanded, I have come to love and rely on the many healing oils in my case. From cleaning sprays to beard oils, I have been making products for friends and family for over a decade now but my one staple favourite are bath bombs.

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb eh? Well actually, until I learnt to make my own it was a bit of a hit or a miss for me. I used to love the look of the highly perfumed, highly coloured all singing all dancing bath bombs, it was fun to watch them do their thing in the bath. The after effects of dry and sometimes irritated skin was not so great.

So I did what I have done with every other product that I wasn’t completely happy with, learnt the ingredients, researched what they were, decided if I wanted to use the same or swap some out and then tried to make my own version. A lot of trial and error and a million different moulds later, this is the recipe that I settled on. A gentle blend of food grade products and essential oils that will leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

Sometimes I will add some Himalayan or Epsom salts to the mix, the former giving a little sprinkle of pink and the latter adding a frosty twinkle. When making a few different varieties I used to add a few drops of bath bomb colouring, to make each scent more easy to identify but I would really rather avoid this these days.

I have also developed an online course called “Aromatherapy at Home” which consists of 5 videos and 2 PDF’s that will talk you through the safe use of 7 of the best known essential oils. You can purchase this course from my calendly homepage or please use the contact page to get in touch with any questions that you may have. This aside, I hope that you enjoy this short tutorial video and use it to make lots of lovely, skin softening, natural bath bombs.

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