Bath Day!

I would just like to start by clarifying that I shower regularly but Sunday will always be bath day. Something that I think most children are subjected to, making sure that they are clean and ready to go back to school the following day. I’m not sure that I really enjoyed them back then but as I have gotten older they have become a self-care ritual that I just wouldn’t be without.

Have you ever just had one of “those days”, where someone has dumped all of their negative crap on you or maybe you just have that “got out of the wrong side of the bed” vibe going on. Now I’m pretty confident that there is a bath combination to wash away those rotten days.

Bath Salts

These crushed up minerals offer a whole host of health benefits, from detoxification to reducing inflammation and balancing the body’s PH levels. I find that these are a brilliant way to clear your aura as well, so if the days interactions have left you feeling a bit “bleurgh” then run yourself a lovely salt bath, Epsom and Himalayan are my two favourites.

The brilliant thing about salts is that they can be used as a carrier for essential oils, stirring a few drops of your favourite essential oils into a cup of Epsom salts just takes those salts to a whole new level. Another thing that I really love to do is make my own bath salts, combining a variety of salts with a balancing blend of essential oils and a couple of tablespoons of a skin nourishing carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil.

Finally, if I have a little time on my hands then I make my own bath bombs. These really are so easy to make and great if you have kids. Basically all you need is bicarbonate or soda, citric acid, essential oils, floral water and I also like to add mineral salts and coconut oil to leave my skin feeling silky smooth. Oh and a mould to put them in.

Since my son was born in 2012 I have slowly filtered out all SLS (Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphate) from our home. I have Keratosis Pilaris (a harmless but unattractive condition that causes dry patches and tiny red bumps on my arms and legs), my son was diagnosed with eczema and my husband has dermatitis. So yeah, we are some bunch! I could actually write a whole blog on that journey but I will try and stay on topic…baths.

So out went the SLS and we all saw a massive improvement in our various skin conditions but this also meant that I had to give up the bubble baths. And then I discovered…

Bath Milks

I cannot express how much I love Weleda bath milks! The Amazing Arnica one is a must if you have over exerted yourself or are feeling a wee bit under the weather, it soothes your aches and pains and leaves you feeling revived. Lovely Lavender just commands your body to unwind and relax, where as the Recuperating Rose gives you a massive hug and leaves you feeling like you’ve just been to a spa.

For even more self indulgence I use these bath milks to do a warm facial compress. When doing your evening skincare routine, apply your cleanser and then fill a bowl or basin with warm water and add half a cap of Lavender Bath Milk, soak and then wring out a flannel and then lie it over your face to remove the cleanser and open your pores, ready for the next step.

My Ultimate Bath Routine

For my normal/dry and sometimes sensitive skin this really is amazing! I fill the bath and the basin with warm water and then coat my face with a layer of Weleda Skin Food, with skin soothing Calendula and softening Sunflower oil it acts as a nourishing mask. Then I pop half a cap of Lavender Bath Milk in the basin, along with a face cloth and a healthy dose of Arnica in the bath. Get into the bath and breath in all the amazing scents for a few moments, before wringing out the face cloth and lying it over my face. Pure bliss!! Once the Skin Food has been removed and I have started to prune it’s time to use my homemade scrub, remembering that it is a scrub so I don’t need to, gentle sweeping motions will do. Shampoo my hair, rinse off and I’m done. No need to moisturise my body and just a wee bit of eye cream and moisturiser for my face.

My Ultimate Bath combo and a before and after selfie of my glowing skin!

I am pretty new to the blogging game so if you would like to know more about anything that I have mentioned or any of the products or recipes that I use then please drop me a comment or get in touch via the contact page.

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